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Auto new markets 2014

by aboutweeks

Many connoisseurs of real German assembly quality, as well as the excellent potential, are soon produced by the Germans of SUVs of SUVs will soon be able to experience the new product of 2013-the BMW X5 car car. This car is based on the universal platform with the F15 labeling, which in the future will become the basis for the development of other models of the German manufacturer of vehicles.

The specialists of this company subjected the appearance of the machine to some changes and adjustments, but at the same time the recognition of the traditional silhouette has not changed much. In its front, the new BMW X5 car retains the branded grille of the radiator, but it has become a little more and a little wider.

On her both sides, very stylish headlights of the main light, which are equipped with modern integrated lights with LEDs, fit perfectly into the common exterior. The front bumper of the new car is equipped with “LED”-backlighting and “foggy”, which are located under the main optics. At the back of the car, the trunk and bumper doors changed, and headlights with LED lamps were installed.

The main feature of the SUV will be the possibility of its purchase with wheeled disks painted in the color of the body. This should positively affect the attractiveness of the appearance of the car, but also on the formation of customer demand for the car. In addition, representatives of the Auto Concert from Germany say that the new car modification is 1800 kilograms, which is less than 150 kilograms of the mass of its predecessor.

BMW engineers pay close attention to the salon configuration of the SUV for convenient placement of seven passengers inside cars. From this it follows that renting a bus of a particularly small class for transporting so many passengers is completely optional.

However, at present, it is only known that manufacturers will offer a car with a panoramic integrated roof of very durable glass. In addition, the new SUV will be equipped with a night vision with an assistant for parking, a fuel economical system of the Start-Stop type, as well as recognizers of road signs.

Recall that renting a bus of a particularly small class will be much more expensive than transporting passengers in the new BMW X5. Naturally, all updates will not be limited to this list, because the car must fully comply with all the current trends in the automotive industry. And this is necessary for its successful access to the automotive market in order to get ahead of the main competitors – “Mercedes Ml” and “Audi Q7” to several positions.

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