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Interesting facts about sleep

by aboutweeks

For most women, healthy sleep is one of the main signs of beauty and health. But do we know all about sleep? Let’s look at the most interesting facts about sleep.

The most interesting facts about sleep:

No. 1: Are you sleeping enough for yourself? To accurately determine this, you need to answer the question of how quickly you can fall asleep? In the event that this happens during the first five minutes – this means that you are not sleeping enough time. The optimal period of falling asleep is at least ten minutes.

No. 2: Do you know that children need the same number of hours of rest – about ten? Adults are enough for 6-8 hours.

No. 3: Many young parents lose about 450-750 hours of their sleep in the first year of their child’s life.

No. 4: Seventeen hours spent without sleep and rest, I do not interfere with us to concentrate, as well as the presence of 0.05% of alcohol in the blood.

No. 5: Many people who are constantly sleepy, get drunk much faster than others.

No. 6: People can snore only during the slow phase of sleep.

No. 7: Do you know that approximately 70% of people feel the fall while going to bed and try to grab in a dream for something? The fact is that at the time of falling asleep, our brain sends signals to the muscles about the fall, and as a result of which they begin to contract, and we begin to pull our feet and hands.

No. 8: During the period of quick sleep, the pupils of our eyes copy the movements of the body in a dream. Also, after a restless sleep, you must definitely look into the dream book.

No. 9: Many animals wind up circles around the place where they want to fall asleep before going to bed. This habit remains of their own ancient ancestors. They did this for crumpled herbs at the place of sleep.

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