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Mercedes Viano

by aboutweeks

The new generation of Mercedes Viano was again tracked by our photographers with spies during testing in snowy northern Sweden. If the last time a white prototype fell into the lenses of cameras, then this time the photographers tracked a black van.

The new Viano will be positioned as a competitor for models such as Volkswagen Multivan /Citroen C1. In this regard, it is worth expecting that it will be a kind of large car, and not a means for transporting goods.

As previously reported, in the new Viano raised hood and a large grille of the radiator were noticed, which is signs of testing new engines and cooling systems. There are rumors that Mercedes will also offer the AMG version, but we will not be able to confirm this until 2013-2014, when the debut of the new Viano will take place.

Mercedes Viano will also be offered in the Vito cargo version for cargo transportation. Some rumors say that the new Viano/Vito will be sold in all markets. This means that it may appear in the USA.

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