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Sports sedan Saab 9 5 – time to live up to expectations

by aboutweeks

After the official performance in Frankfurt, the car still got into serial production. Although, a similar German production model Insignia, by that time was sold quite actively. 9-5 built with the Opel model on a similar Gm Epsilon2 platform, so the cars have a lot in common in the design, but they are completely incompatible in spirit, style, not to mention design.

Swedish developers built a car with rapid lines of a body that is not deprived of brutality. The machine is 10 cm longer than INSIGNIA, looks monolithic and massive, and it is easy to highlight it against the backdrop of other cars of the city stream.

Being inside the cabin, it becomes clear that there is still a place for technical creativity in the auto industry. In the equipment of Saab, as in some other automobile brands, for example, Volvo, their own ideology is clearly indicated, if you like, the system, some even call it “button”. The principle of the functioning of this system is very simple, when you press one of the buttons, one of the systems is activated – no confusion, especially since all buttons with appropriate marking.

The front panel, like the body, looks monolithic, this is one of the branded structures. The steering column resembles the installed in Insignia, is regulated by departure and vertically. The engine also starts from the button located on the central tunnel.

Model 9-5 is presented in a business class, so attention is paid not only to the convenience of the driver, but also to the comfort of the passengers. The rear sofa is large, freely puts 3 people, spaces, including for the legs, enough. The center provides a leaning armrest with a secret boxing and cup holders.

The luggage compartment volume is very modest compared to competitors in the segment. The trunk is equipped with a special mobile bar designed to fix baggage in the required position.

In the engine compartment, a V6 gasoline ICE (2.8), with a capacity of 300 forces, with a torque of 400 HM, is installed in the engine compartment. The transmission is provided by automatic gearbox (6), the drive is complete. With maximum acceleration proposed by the manufacturer, up to 250 km/h, the dynamic acceleration of the machine up to a hundred is 6.9 seconds. Average fuel consumption up to 11 liters.

The car’s move is smooth, and this was achieved thanks to the correct settings of the adaptive suspension. The basic version uses the Mcphereson design with separate rotation fists, and a special hyperisystem, which provides the machine with stability and stability in the process of maneuvering or performing protracted overtaking. There is a similar option on Insignia, as well as in some Ford cars. The chassis has the only drawback that manifests itself when driving in the city is a large turning radius.

Noise insulation is indicative, when moving at any speed in the cabin, not a single extraneous sound is heard. The problem of controllability, expressed in some slowness, is solved using the electronic differential of the rear axle.

Model 9-5 leaves positive impressions. All expectations from the quality of controllability, dynamics, level of comfort, are justified. The cost remains, which can so far be considered a “stumbling block”. It is unprofitable to sell the car inexpensively, it remains to hope for the effort of marketers, who so far offer the cost corresponding to the Audi A6, and even cheaper. And these cars are already being supplied to the domestic market, but only in the most expensive versions, all -wheel drive, with powerful engines.

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