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Automobile refrigerator Safety of Products

by aboutweeks

On it you will find auto chisels for tourist trips and for everyday use. Car refrigerators make both separate portable models and built into the armrests and into the niches between car seats.

For a car refrigerator, it is important to have a protective device that controls the discharge of the battery. The device shows when the refrigerator must be disconnected from the on -board network of the car so that there are no problems with the start of the engine.

Motorists are especially popular with a capacity of 20-35 liters. For a trip to nature, a family of five people have enough such a refrigerator. But on one condition – drinks do not count. If you need drinks, then you need a minimum chronicler with a volume of 50 liters. When buying, be sure to check if it will fit your car.

If you need to freeze a catch or game or use a car chloride as a freezer for a summer residence, then for these purposes you need a compressor refrigerator. This auto -chronicle has a large size and weight, it works for the on -board network of the car. To date, there are few models that can cool to minus temperature, while they slowly cool and have a small volume. This does not apply to compressor auto -chroniclers, hence their high price.

Visiting the hotels of Yekaterinburg 5 stars take up car refrigerators working on the absorption and thermoelectric principle. They maintain a temperature of at least +3 degrees Celsius, if the average air temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. When buying, it is important to know about the following indicator: how many degrees below the ambient temperature can cool the car chill. This figure should fluctuate from 15 to 30 degrees below zero. These auto -chroniclers are easy and reliable; The cooling element is simple and reliable. Some types of thermoelectric automobile refrigerators can work in warm -up mode – it will come in handy when you leave cheap hotels in Kazan and go on the road.

Car refrigerators operating on the absorption principle can work in places where there is no electricity. They can work not only from power supply, but also from the gas cylinder. Such a gas-electric auto-chronicle cannot have a volume of less than 40 liters.

Now auto -hiring rods that can work from the city power grid, and not just from the power supply of the car are in particular demand. Such auto -coolers are practical and convenient.

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