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Body peeling

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Body peeling

Body peeling is complex cosmetological procedures, the main purpose of which is exfoliating dead skin cells, purification of pores and stimulation of acceleration of the formation of new cells.

The popularity of this procedure is determined primarily by the fact that thanks to it the skin refreshes and rejuvenates, its appearance improves, and irregularities in its relief are aligned.

Features of body peeling:

The main indications for the peeling of the body will be its use when wrinkles, a decrease in skin elasticity and the appearance of stretch marks in problem areas (the zone of the abdomen, hips, bust, buttocks). It is also used for overweight, in case of cellulite, as well as with acne on the back or chest area. It is worth noting that peeling can only be carried out from the age of 18.

Among the contraindications are the piling of the body during the exacerbation of infectious diseases, in the menstrual period, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also impossible to carry out this procedure if there are open wounds and inflammatory processes on the skin or if there is any skin disease.

By the way, it is not necessary to carry out body peeling as a separate procedure, since it can quite successfully combine it with other types of procedures. So, for example, the combinations of the peeling procedure with massages, with algae, as well as with wax and laser hair removal will be very effective. So, for example, it is laser hair removal that will help you effectively, quickly and for a long time get rid of unwanted hair, making your skin smooth and beautiful.

The benefits of body peeling:


The body peeling in the depth of its effect can be superficial, median and deep. There are three main methods of piling: mechanical, chemical (this type includes not only chemical exposure, but also enzymatic) and physical – laser or ultrasound. Chemical peeling should be carried out exclusively in medical institutions. The services of mechanical and hardware peeling of the body are provided by many cosmetic salons. While surface peeling can be independently performed at home.

The results of the body of the body will stimulate the metabolic processes of the skin, leveling its color and texture, improve the elasticity of the skin and the effect of lifting, purification of pores and reducing their number. The body peeling will be as effective as possible if it will be carried out 4-6 times with a 5-7-day interval between these procedures. Then you will need to maintain the effect with one peeling procedure per month.

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