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by aboutweeks

There are so many options for tools, having familiarized himself with everyone, it is easy to imagine how exactly the repair of a particular site is carried out. In the presence of a wizard in carvings and construction, there will certainly be such an interesting tool as a dick.

Lerka or the so -called dick represents a thread -cutting tool the main purpose, which consists in creating an external thread manually or on a special machine. The tool called as the dick is very convenient to use by using a special threaded tool, you can manually create a thread quickly.

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About such an instrument as a dick and Lerka, most likely, will be known to those builders and masters who are used to working with traditional tools. Today, a similar device in the form of a dick is simply referred to as a thread -cutting tool.

The thread -cutting tool is mainly used for cutting or to calibrate the external thread in one pass. To a greater extent, the widespread can get a thread -cutting tool with a diameter of up to 52 mm.

On the tool itself, as a rule, from three to six chip holes, which will allow the resulting shavings during the threads of the thread. To create a threaded tool, which many are known as a dick, it will take the use of alloy steel.

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