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Details about the primary real estate market in Tbilisi, Georgia

by marusia

The city of Tbilisi is located on the territory of Georgia. This is a very attractive place to live as it has everything you need for your comfort.

Pay attention to the residential complex “Barcelo Tbilisi”, which offers comfortable accommodation and a variety of amenities for residents. It has luxurious architecture, developed infrastructure and many other privileges. Why is it worth considering Tbilisi for moving by purchasing real estate on the primary market?

Rapid market development

Real estate on the primary market in this city offers many new projects. Modern residential complexes are being built regularly. You will be able to choose from a wide range of comfortable options.

Attractive prices

The price of real estate on the primary market in Tbilisi is more affordable than the price of housing offered on the secondary market. These are excellent opportunities for profitable investments, so you will not regret your decision.

Modern conveniences

New residential complexes offered on the primary market offer modern amenities. These include air conditioning and security systems, parking lots and gyms, and much more.

Good rental potential

If you are considering real estate as an investment, then buying a property on the primary market in Tbilisi will have excellent rental potential both in the long and short term.

Cultural and historical heritage

Tbilisi is a picturesque and culturally rich city with a rich history and unique architecture. Moving to this city is of interest to lovers of cultural heritage.

Favorable climate

Tbilisi has a temperate continental climate. Summers here are warm and winters are mild. That is why this place is very attractive for people to live in different seasons.

Hospitality of the local people

The Georgian people are famous for their hospitality and warmth towards foreigners. Thanks to this, new residents can expect a truly pleasant atmosphere that will lift their spirits.


Tbilisi is a relatively safe city. This is an important factor for those moving with family or considered to be single.

Developed infrastructure

The city has a well-developed infrastructure. There is public transport, a variety of shops, restaurants, medical clinics and other important amenities.

Job and business opportunities

Tbilisi offers many opportunities for business and work. This is especially true in the areas of tourism, services and IT technologies.

You should purchase real estate on the primary new buildings in Tbilisi. This is an opportunity to enjoy your own comfort and other privileges!

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