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Cars and alcohol testers

by aboutweeks

Cars, cars, literally flooded everything….A line from a song written many years ago, and today it is extremely relevant! After all, which of us has not at least once in traffic jams? Or who at least once of us was not stopped by traffic police officers for violations? It is clear that in this "boat" All of us have already visited.

Many violations can be prevented and avoided. How? Yes, simply, self-control. For this, for example, there are alcohol testerers for personal use that will help motorists avoid many, many problems.

How to choose an alcotester ? First you should figure out what it is, for which and where it came from. Alcotester, t.e. A device for the quantitative determination of alcohol in the human body, based on the analysis of the air exhausted by him, was first used in the 30s of the twentieth century in the United States. However, they could show only the amount of alcohol in the blood. The very first breathing alcohol tinters appeared in 1953 in Germany. Now a lot of time has passed, various types of division of this device have appeared, such as:





However, the principle of their work remained the same. Professional alcohol tinters use, as a rule, traffic police officers and designed such devices for about 300 tests per day. Special are designed for 30 tests per day and are spoiled to control employees of small enterprises in a number of countries. Indicators are the most primitive of the alcotesters, they have the lowest accuracy of indications. Individual alcohol testerers are intended for personal self -control, but it is worth noting that if you use them more than 2 times a day, they will quickly fail. So you are not recommended to do this. They do not have the same degree of accuracy as professional alcohol testerers, but they are the most simple and understandable to use and cope with their management at absolutely any person. Nevertheless, not depending on whether your device is professional or individual, for the accuracy of measurements it should be calibrated every 200 reception, which is on average 3-6 months. Calibration is the setting of the sensor and it occurs on special kalibrait apparatus. They usually conduct it in specialized service centers. Individual alcotester is the best helping in self-control! You will definitely know with him whether to drive you or not!

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