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Where it is profitable to take a car loan

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According to statistics, almost 50% of cars in our country is bought on credit. The peak of the popularity of car loans was noted in 2011, but since in 2012 the interest rate increased and lending conditions became tougher, today there is a slight decrease in demand for the purchase of cars on credit. Due to the expectation of the economic crisis, people try not to burden themselves with extra debts. If there is a confidence in the need for such a purchase in order to find out where it is profitable to get a car loan, you need to study all lending conditions.To support the domestic automotive industry, a state program for subsidizing loans was created to buy cars. The program provides that the state pays the bank part of the interest on the loan for the borrower.

According to the program, new cars are subsidized, which are assembled at one of the domestic factories and the price of which is not higher than 600 thousand rubles. In addition, the car model should be in the list approved by the Ministry of Trade. The loan is provided for three years, and the initial contribution for it is 15% of the price of the car.

The subsidy program began to operate in 2009 and turned out to be so effective that it was decided to extend it. Now it is called the “Presidential Crandite” and several banks are involved in it, including Sberbank, VTB-24 and the Bank of Moscow and T.D. In 2013, it is supposed to allocate 2052 million for subsidizing car loans. rubles.

When choosing a loan for the purchase of a car, it must be borne in mind that the following circumstances influence overpayment:

– The amount of overpayment is higher, the fewer documents are required to be submitted to the bank.

– The lower the loan term and the larger down payment, the less interest rate.

– In addition to interest rates, you need to take into account the size of the bank’s commissions, as well as insurance conditions.

– Be sure to pay attention to the reputation of the bank. You should think about whether it is worth taking the cheapest loan, because as a result it can do much more.

Car loans are more popular due to the fact that they make a real purchase of a car for a large number of Russians. Despite the fact that another wave of crisis is expected, you can get a car loan on rather favorable conditions. To do this, you can use state subsidies or study the programs of car loaning of commercial banks.

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The first thing you should look at the potential borrower is the interest rate. According to experts: you should not arrange a loan in rubles more than 13% per annum, and dollar – by 11% per year. At the moment, the average interest rate on the car loan market is considered 14% (in national currency) and

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