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The desire to become happy parents sooner or later appears in all married couples. The allegations of doctors that the planned pregnancy is a guarantee of conception, the birth of a healthy child, are not in doubt. Therefore, expectant mothers and dads should responsibly prepare for this important period.

First of all, a married couple needs to undergo a complete medical examination. This will assess the readiness for conception of the child, treat diseases that can interfere with fertilization, and violate the processes of the normal development of the fetus.

Sometimes even healthy spouses have problems with conception. Experts will help you choose the necessary diets, give recommendations on the regime of the day, psychological preparation, other tips that will help to cope with difficulties.

Modern clinics, such as IPF, are equipped with all the necessary equipment, drugs that allow you to provide qualified assistance in family planning. The diagnosis of “infertility” made by one of the spouses is not considered as the final sentence. There are many effective methods that allow you to fulfill the dream of a child.

The main causes of female infertility are pathologies in the structure of the organs of the reproductive system, violation of ovulation, the obstruction of the phallopium pipes. With most of these problems, today’s gynecology successfully copes. In the absence of the opportunity to get pregnant naturally, the methodology of extraperational fertilization is used. A woman with a remote uterus, with anomalies that do not allow to endure a child, can use the services of a surrogate mother.

Currently, male infertility is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. A small amount of sperm in the seed fluid, their insufficient mobility makes it difficult to conception or make it impossible. In this case, Ixi comes to the rescue. In the absence of spermatozoa suitable for conception, it is possible to use donor sperm.

The onset of pregnancy is the initial stage. Ahead is an important, crucial period of bearing the baby. High -quality pregnancy, regular examinations allow for excellent conditions for the development of the baby, preserving the health of the mother. Modern equipment, the latest examination methods make it possible to detect negative changes at the early stage, take the necessary measures.

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