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Mileage car! Toyota Tested

by aboutweeks

Mileage car! Toyota Tested

The car, as you know, is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. And to purchase this means of transportation, many people wish. Choose, among all the proposed options, as in the brand, purpose (family or representative class, etc.D.), cost, etc.D. – it seems not easy to do. One of the most acceptable offers is the purchase of a car under the Toyota Tested program.

This program offers customers cars with a small run (less than 100 thousand km.), age-no more than 5 years, without any serious constructive interventions in the body and the original TCP. In addition, at the moment, is in action, a preferential lending system is similar to the one that acts on new Toyota cars. So, CJSC Toyota Bank provides loans for the purchase of cars under the Toyota Tested program, with bets – from 9.9% per annum (in rubles).

Of course, someone can say that there is no guarantee in the durability and reliability of the purchased car with mileage. However, such reproaches become groundless, due to a complex but effective procedure for preparing a car for sale.

Before getting to the eye of the buyer, the car goes through several stages of preparation and verification. The first stage is the search for the right under the above vehicle parameters. At the second stage, the car is undergoing a rigid technical examination and verification. Conduct it, specially prepared, highly professional specialists. Their conclusion, together with the inspection sheet – is 136 points, according to the technical condition of the car. To go further, on a thorny path of preparation for sale, the car needs to get an assessment – not lower than 4 with a plus, on a five -point scale.

The third stage is the maintenance, replacement or replenishment of the consumed elements. For example, such consumed elements as: oil, various filters, brake pads, etc.D.

The fourth, and one of the most difficult stages, can be called the passage of the car, the so -called “laboratory of purity”. In it, the machine is not only given gloss and attractive appearance, but also total cleaning of the interior space is carried out. At the same time, many parts of the car are processed with hot steam. This is carried out in order to not only clean from possible pollution, but also to get rid of unwanted passengers, in the form of various microbes and bacteria. For this, seats are taken out of the car, installed on special platforms and are subjected to steaming. In addition, after steam processing, a corporate remedy with silver ions is used, which removes even possible unpleasant odors. The appearance of the car does not go unnoticed. He is polished by the body and discs, as well as the tires and t.D.

In addition, in order to leave all competitors behind, the company Toyota Motor LLC, all purchased under the Toyota Tested program, provides additional technical support (after gear) – for a period of 1 year or to increase the run to 130 thousand. km. Choice, term or mileage – will be calculated according to the first that will be achieved.

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