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Hypoxia (oxygen starvation) is a name that characterizes the condition associated with oxygen starvation. Due to hypoxia in vital organs, irreversible modifications are produced. The most susceptible to oxygen failure are the central nervous system, the heart muscle, also in this composition, includes kidney tissues and liver. The consequences can be expressed in the emergence of an incomprehensible sense of euphoria, inexplicable and sudden dizziness occur, and a small muscle tone occurs also.

Symptomatic manifestations of hypoxia can depend on a certain cause of occurrence, say;

-The color of the skin that appears during poisoning by means of carbon monoxide (saturated pink, and with oxidation of earthy, if respiratory failure occurs, a blue shade appears), as well as the age factor, in particular hypoxia in the fetus, including an adult.

The main features include:

-increased frequency and deepening of breathing, breaths,

-growth of the frequency of heart contractions,

-Dysfunction of organs and systems.

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