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Beer belly

by aboutweeks

The problem of the so -called beer abdomen was studied in the framework of European promising study of cancer and nutrition – Epic. Within the framework of this research program, 7876 men took part, as well as 12,749 women.

Experts conducted multiple studies and, as a result, it became clear that when using three liters of beer per day by seventeen percent, the risk of weight gain and increase the volume of the abdomen increases. The beer stomach looks disgusting both in women and in men the main reason for the appearance of abdominal obesity is excessive beer consumption or any other type of alcohol.

In the course of the studies, it was found that with immoderate beer consumption and any alcohol, appetite increases significantly, which leads to an increase in weight gain.

The beer belly acts as a term under which it is not possible to present the natural process of weight gain, if you understand this topic in more detail, then increased appetite will be considered the reason for the weight gain. Beer has low calorie content and those who consume beer in addition to alcohol consume calorie snacks, which affect the increase in the total weight of the body.

Many people believe that the appearance of a “beer abdomen” is only a myth, but in practice we all know perfectly well that from excessive alcohol consumption, not only weight can be increased, but serious health problems may appear.

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