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Gynecology is a field of medicine that examines the disease of the body of the female propagation system. Many representatives of this sphere in our time are also obstetricians, since gynecology is directly combined with obstetrics. Observing phenomena in the female body that relate to pregnancy and childbirth (from conception of the fetus to postpartum time). Gynecology is also close to surgery, nervous and other parts of medicine. Gynecologist – a medical officer dealing with gynecology issues. During pregnancy, the female body is so complicated with its diverse and numerous changes in the genital sphere that gynecology as a science began to exist in a separate channel of a narrow specialization. Chronology in manuscripts about medicine confirms that in the ancient centuries, sections of medicine: obstetrics, gynecology and surgery went closely with each other. In Hippocrates about gynecological research and knowledge, relatively extensive, especially in diagnostics in the presence of a tumor or anomalies of the cervix. During archaeological excavations, a gynecological tool was found a three -legged hose mirror.

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