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Ford Focus 3 2012

by aboutweeks

Ford Focus 3 2012

The exterior of the new Ford Focus is not as revolutionary as its internally content, but also to say that it is like two drops of water like his predecessor, also cannot. Certainly, "heredity" present, but the outlines can already be considered individual elements from mondeo. But to make a mistake from whom this cute boy is impossible.

Similar to a large drop with a huge glazing area, the smooth outline of the body are in a harmonious connection with its other details. The front headlights have LED backlight, a large air intake gives a brutality car, fog lights organically fit into the free space of the bumper and create a finished ensemble. In the city stream, the car is clearly not lost, attracting the attention of passers -by and drivers.

The interior decoration is made of high -quality and pleasant materials, but individual parts are made of cheaper plastic. In the large Ford Focus 3 salon, it is convenient to accommodate both in the front seats and on the rear sofa. At the same time, it will be comfortable for passengers of almost any complexion. The driver’s place is very convenient, and the controls of control are clear and do not require addiction. A dashboard in the form of two tunnels with a edging from the temple looks very modern. To facilitate control of the car, many buttons are transferred to the steering wheel. But the trunk is clearly small, a significant part of the useful volume occupies a full -sized spare wheel. But around the spare, manufacturers have provided a large number of compartments for all kinds of trifles, and the folding back back will allow you to transport small longs.

The line of power units of the new Ford Focus is very similar to the motors of its predecessor. The buyer offers two gasoline 16-valve engines with an adjustable injection system and a capacity of 105 and 125 horsepower. The diesel engine is represented by a two -liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 140 liters.With. To be honest, you can call the diesel version of the car dynamic to disperse a two -ton car to a hundred in 9 seconds with a mechanical transmission. But gasoline motors clearly do not correspond to the appearance of the car, they are able to disperse it to 100 km/h in more than 11 seconds with a manual box, and with a gun in 13 seconds.

For gasoline and diesel versions, Ford Focus 3 offers automatic and mechanical gearboxes. Mechanical 5- and 6-speed boxes of any complaints do not cause transmission switching softly and clearly. But the automatic box can hardly be called such, it is a robotic transmission with double clutch. Thanks to double clutch settings, the engineers managed to achieve speed switching almost without rupture of power flow. The steering is quite sharp, but not informative. Feedback with the road is practically not felt. But the suspension and its settings are simply magnificent not only are the irregularities of our roads are not transmitted to the salon, but also turns due to the traction control system, the car passes like a glove.

I would like to say separately about a large number of electronic assistants and Ford Focus 3 systems significantly facilitating the management of the car. To help the driver provides a system for control of traction in corners, a control system "blind zones", Cruise control with a limitation of speed limit, parking assistance system, automatic headlight adjustment of headlights. A number of sets provide a system for recognizing road signs, and all information is displayed on a multimedia system with voice control in Russian.

Thanks to the latest electronics, it was possible to reduce the fuel consumption in mixed mode of up to 6 liters per hundred kilometers of the track for gasoline cars and 5 liters of diesel. But all this beauty has one negative shade, as the car itself strives in the next class, so the price of it is suitable for the next level.

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