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Auto Expertise for what it is needed

by aboutweeks

Perhaps every car owner in our time has encountered such a procedure as auto expertise. It is worth noting that this process implies an assessment of damage to the machine, for example, after an accident or a major accident on the road. In addition, such an assessment of a car may be needed after hooligan actions of any persons or such natural disasters as a hurricane, fire, flood, as well as when receiving an inheritance, division of property, theft and when selling a machine.

If your car is insured, then in order to pay you the necessary amount, the insurance company will almost certainly send you to one of the assessment firms with which it collaborates – for such a procedure as auto -expertise. However, keep in mind that such an assessment cannot be considered independent, because the lower the estimated cost of damage to your iron horse, the smaller the insurance company will pay you.

Quite often, car owners dispute, sometimes in court, the assessment of the insurance company. It is worth noting that both the culprit of the incident and the driver whose car suffered can order such an audit. Sometimes an independent forensic examination is the only way to put an insurance company in place, which significantly underestimates the amount of damage.

As for the procedure for assessing damage to the vehicle, it looks approximately in this way: to start the parties, they conclude an agreement on the examination, after which the date and place where it will be held is agreed. Then a special telegram is drawn up and sent with an invitation to inspection of the car, it is sent to participants in the road accident and representatives of the insurance company. At the end of the inspection of the car, a special act of autoexpertiza is drawn up. It is noteworthy that as a rule, clear and understandable photos of detected damage should be attached to documents. Keep in mind that in each picture the car number should be visible.

Next, calculations of the cost of damage are carried out, to which no more than three days are assigned, and a report is drawn up. After paying for the services of auto experts, this report is sent to her customer, who, in turn, provides him with his insurance company. After that, the company is obliged to pay the client the amount of damage indicated in the report; She also pays for the costs of the client to conduct an independent assessment.

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