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Formula 1 impressions of a trip to Renault Bolid

by aboutweeks

Amazing, but there is almost no vibration engine on the body. I touch as accurately as possible, as taught, but still it turns out only times from the third.

No, I’m not stalled – with the Antistall system, opening the clutch in the danger of the engine stop, this is almost impossible. But I had to squeeze the clutch and start all over again. The difficulty is not even that the motor is poorly pulling “from below”: just idling here – as much as 2500 – 2700 rpm. Clutch – three -disc, composite. And the first gear “extends” to 112 km/h! Try to move on a tuning car with a ceramic clutch on the third gear … I fit into the 90 -degree turn on the exit from Pitlein, press the gas and … just Dallara was a comfortable cord – and now a wild beast woke up behind his back. The new car lost up to 610 kg – it is only 30 – 40 kg heavier than Formula 1. I didn’t go to F1, but I remember that even at the fastest supercar, acceleration sooner or later “releases” – after 150 or 200 km/h, the car rests against the air with the entire frontal area, breathing becomes easier, and the stomach grows from the back. There is no! Only I manage to answer the blink of bulbs in the upper part of the steering wheel by pressing the right -wing steering lever, as it all starts again – on the third, fourth, fifth … But there are no strong blows when switching gear, although the gas pedal at this moment is also in the floor.

Motorland Aragon Avtodroy for this machine, which has a ton of weight, taking into account my 85 kg, accounts for about 750 liters.With., turns into one continuous turn. There is a large difference in heights – in some places you need to start slowing down, not yet seeing the turn. I am focusing on black tracks that mark the “braking areas”, but I still slow down insanely early. The steering wheel does not require interception, and in rare straight lines it already seems that the steering wheel drive is too sharp – the millimeter movement is enough for “rearranging” several meters. It is impossible to relax! At the same time, the effort on the steering wheel is quite “earthly”, she does not have a clear “zero”, but in the turns of reactive action, the growth of reactive action is completely logical. Before leaving, the tires were warmed up with heating pads, so I immediately try to find the limit of the car. And it … as if not! That in slow corners, that in high -speed turns you can clearly go faster than one and a half times – I am in a hooligan roll the steering wheel inside, and the car is readily .goes to a steeper trajectory. Although the vestibular apparatus no longer screams, but yells: now we will break, brother, I don’t understand anything in such large lateral accelerations! I flew out in the fifteenth turn. More precisely, even more shameful, after it. There was a kilometer straight ahead, and in theory on the most “long” of the sixth programs available in the Renault Sport (a row, with the exception of the first program, you can change it under a specific highway), the machine can accelerate to the maximum 280 km/h/h. I was already with my thoughts at the Maximum Claim – and in the second gear I pressed the gas a little earlier and a little sharper than it was necessary. I did not have time to meow, as I already flew across the security strip! Which, of course, it was here that it turned out to be not asphalt, but soil: shreds of grass, crushed stone and sand fly into cockpit, salutic my shame ..

The first thought is all. Broken. The second, fortunately, appeared without delay, while the car still slipped sideways: let go of the brake! Let go, cut off and – Oh happiness! – back rose to the asphalt. Thanks to Antiglokh: the motor works as if nothing had happened. We continue? Unfortunately no. The yellow field flashes in the half -display: insufficient pressure in the pneumatic system. I broke it … slowly, carefully, at small speeds swing in boxes. Mechanics do not say anything. Silently pushed into boxes, silently inspect the suspension, vacuumed from the crushed stone sinus in front of the radiators. And it reads in the eyes: a guy, this is our only car, our swallow, and you are already on the first round – and mow grass … I know, guys. It’s a shame yourself. I was given another circle to drive, but there is nothing to remember about him. The leg itself refused to press gas. However, it became the most offensive when I found out that it was possible to go further: the pressure in the pneumatic system fell while I was re-touched, and it was worth driving a few seconds at high speeds, and the compressor would return the status quo.

But what is even three circles? During this time, tires and composite brakes only warm up to operating temperature. However, for me this is still an event. I managed to feel that the racing “formula” is very fast, but not so scary at all. If you have a head on your shoulders, and health allows you to at least run up a long staircase, you can handle. Yes, to stamp circles for 45 minutes each of the 17 races of the Renault 3 formula.5, the body needs to be prepared. But, paraphrasing Andy Warholl, everyone has the right to their three circles driving the “Formulas”.

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