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Fashionable men’s shirts 2016

by aboutweeks

Men’s shirt will always be an integral part of a male wardrobe. Currently, designers pay attention not only to the development of women’s clothing, but also to new men in men’s fashion. There is a huge variety of models of male shirts. They can be divided into classic and models of sports cut. Falled models can be attributed to the classic version, they emphasize the figure, distinguish elements of masculinity. This style is ideal for working in the office or for business events. The collar should be tough. This is necessary in order to wear a tie that emphasizes the business style of its owner. A suitable color for shirts made in a classic style will be pastel colors, for example: pale pink, pale blue.

Material for creating shirts can serve different fabrics is cotton, knitwear, flax, silk. Synthetic products remain the least preferable. Male linen shirts are excellent in the summer: this natural material makes it possible to breathe and feel comfortable. Elegant styles of satin and chiffon look elegant. They give the image lightness and romance.

Knitotage models remain quite popular and in demand. These shirts can be both long and short sleeve. They can be worn in the summer and in the cool season under the jacket. Such models can be considered as a walking option for a weekend. Colors can be plain and mixed. Such shirts look stylish and unusual. You can wear them with colored and plain trousers.

Sports style shirts are popular. They are convenient due to free cut, they can be worn with any trousers and jeans and, most importantly, this is a model for every day. Sew them mainly from denser fabrics, such as flannel.

Particular attention in the creation of men’s shirts is paid to decor elements: stabbing on fabric, creating patterns, form of collars. Youth models may contain folklore elements and floral patterns. It is worth noting such a detail as buttons, this season they should be non -metallic and plastic plastic, and mother -of -pearls.

Shirts with a short sleeve are willingly worn, they are no less popular than with a long. Wearing them for work has become quite convenient and permissible.

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