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The traffic police will check service cars

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The traffic police will check service cars

Employees of the Moscow traffic police intensively set about checking departmental vehicles, which do not have special signals heading to the city center from Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Near the triumphal arch, according to Interfax, there is a mobile post of traffic inspectorate, created to track cars – violators and take certain measures against these very violators. There were several such posts.

The traffic police posted the next post with high mobility near Borovitskaya Square, where departmental vehicles are currently being checked by special signals.

The end of May of this year is the date that was assigned the most bold plans to identify and suppress the illegal use of special signals with those vehicles that were not bent to violate the law when equipping their car with flashing lights and special flashing beacons. In the next two months, the Ministry of the Interior is going to closely search for official vehicles, drivers of which are used by flashing lights for other purposes and without special need, as well as unauthorized flashing beacons. That is, those who purchased the sixth “BMW”, and then also a flashing light to it, of course, with the necessary resolution ..

This procedure for identifying scammers had its own precedent last year. By the way, it ended quite successfully, because about a hundred violations were identified, and the seized documents for the entire period of the procedure was even more.

When explaining “Interfax” why this procedure is carried out in general and what, in fact, its reasons, the Ministry of the Interior negatively answered that this is due to the Decree of President Putin on the reduction of departmental vehicles that have the right to legally use flashes and glimpse beacons, almost double.

As a result, the use of flashing lights is legally allowed from the first of July of the current year of order

600 cars, while their number in previous years was approximately a thousand.

Departmental organizations such as the Ministry of Emergencies, the CEC, the FSO right to use special signals in their vehicles, as well as many other departments.

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