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A specialist whose activity is aimed at the treatment and diagnosis of diseases that have arisen due to impaired immune systems all we know as an immunologist. Specialists of this extensive and vital field are examined by lymph nodes, lymph vessels, as well as the immune system.

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The immunologist is directly engaged in the examination of the lymph nodes, the immunologist also treats various allergic reactions, studies in detail the immunodeficiency state, which in turn can differ in primary and secondary states. The immunologist as a specialist of his activity should, first of all, learn about the exact state of the immune system, a sufficient number of diseases, as a rule, are often able to occur with violations of the immune system.

If we consider in all details the primary immunodeficiencies that were previously caused by genetic factors, this is a whole list of different failures in the body. During the period of a genetic failure due to the lack of the elements of protection necessary for a healthy organism, for example, antibodies or proteins, each organism begins to significantly lose the ability to certain types of infections. That is why it is very important to constantly monitor the state of the immune system and, if necessary, improve the state of the immune system.

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