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Competent repair of Toyota Camry

by aboutweeks

Undoubtedly, sooner or later, the car will need to repair starters. After standard checks (oil, candles, etc.P.) the first thoughts when the car does not start is a broken starter. But you should not despair, because the starter is an important element in the general start-up chain of any car and it is possible to repair quite quickly. To do this, place a car on a special test stand, where the real problem of failure turns out. Of course, it is necessary to turn to the professionals, because it is useless to repair the starter, for example, to change the diode bridge in it, if the root cause in another, for example, in the car battery, a short circuit occurred due to the wear of the battery or any mechanical damage. Indeed, without eliminating the root cause, no repair, or replacing the new one, will not save from the subsequent quick breakdown of the starter. Consider the main reasons for his failure of the Toyota Camry starter.The appearance of the Toyota starter

Armature – a special anchor at the starter

Ball – ball

BRUSH HOLDER – A special brush holder

Bearing Housing – a protective case in a bearing

Bearing – bearing

Clutch Assembly – a special coupling in full collection

End Cover – high -quality end cover

Field Frame – Starter protective casing

IDLE GEAR – intermediate special gear wheel

Magnet Switch Assembly – relay drawing in full collection

Starter Housing – Starter protective casing

Spring – powerful spring

Through Bolt – a special tight -up bolt

Any starter needs to be removed on a special pit, while it is usually located under the intake manifold and attached to the motor with two special bolts, while the upper is removed – simply, and the bottom must be unscrewed with a special head from the bottom of the car. The starter is usually removed by pulling the right (to be in front of the car) from the intake manifold, but it is usually necessary to free up space, namely, to pull out the cable that goes from the speedometer and it is from the side of the dashboard.

Typically, problems with the starter are in a retracting relay, it either does not work, or simply "Sticking". At the same time, it is necessary to check the malfunction on both windings of the retracting relay (the wires have been broken off or the pavers of their connection to the corresponding contacts have simply burned out) or there is no real contact due to electrical erosion between the brass ring and special contacts. It is worth noting that the gear of the starter must be washed with a special liquid (kerosene, Whippirite, gasoline) and slightly greased with a channation or graphite lubricant. Moreover, if the graphite brushes at the Toyota Camry Toyota Starter engine are hardly worn out – it is almost erased, it is advisable to replace them with the new brushes of the starter, but at the same time, you need to connect the copper braids by dividing the bundle into about two or three compounds, with a thorough taping between them, with a minimum amount solder, and further squeeze a brass or copper pipe. So maximum reliability will be achieved, since the passing rather large starter current can quickly melt them.

In the case of a breakdown of windings, it is necessary to remove the fastening P-coo-slop and just rewind the windings. When rewinding these windings, you need to remember what contacts are brought to specific wires, when unwinding, you need to calculate the total number of turns (with an accuracy of about 10%). The completely finished winding should sit tightly to the upper part of the special casing of the P -shaped, and if there is a small backlash, the winding will simply just break. Typically, errozed contacts are changed, or brass is welded, copper or brass plates are attacked to return the former thickness, but there is a problem, the plate can fall off from heating.

Of course, all repair and prophylactically procedures are necessary in a specially designated/equipped place for this, using only professional auto tools and devices.

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