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Ford Focus Titanium

by aboutweeks

We became fans of the 2012 Ford Focus starting with its debut, and not just because of its star design (despite this, the sedan still had an unsuccessful version). No, we would be satisfied with anything that would delete it badly "dressed" predecessor from the streets. This car suffered with its predecessors for a decade.

The fact that the new Focus is also a car for a fan and drive with a lot of luxurious amenities also gives a strong argument in favor of those that make a purchase in favor of this segment.

By the way, I will say a little in advance that Ford Mondeo can buy which Ford car dealership "Arkont", in the near future it will also change. Updated Ford Mondeo, which many wealthy people want to buy, will look more defiant than the current model. But we will talk about him a little later, when we have more information.

So, we will continue. Our tested car is a five -door titanium model in the back of the hatchback. As soon as we got into the tested car, turned on its standard satellite radio, picked up a leather steering wheel and felt safe due to stability with a guide torque of the control system of constant rotation of the wheels, the car did not disappoint us. As one of the editor tested this model noted, “this is not the cheapest car that you can buy, but I would not be embarrassed to call this car, in this configuration, a car of increased comfort of the younger model.”

The cabin is quite quiet, noise insulation in Ford Focus Titanium compared to previous versions – at altitude. And also extremely comfortable seats and lateral support, look very sporty. We also appreciate the real fuel consumption, which fits 8.5 liters per 100 km, although we cannot help but think that the additional sixth transmission in a mechanical checkpoint would be of great importance to reduce consumption somewhere per liter. Indeed, 120 km per hour, moving in the fifth gear, the engine speed is about 3.200 rpm, which is noticeably high.

On the highway, a car with a 2.0-liter I4 engine, from 160 liters.With. and 146 nm, it was possible to disperse to 100 km / h in 9.0 seconds, and to drive a quarter of a mile from scratch it takes 17.0 seconds.

Ford Focus Titanium 2012 Five -door hatchback.


2.0-liter i4

Power: 160 horsepower 6,500 rpm

Torque: 146 Nm 4.450 rpm


Front -wheel drive

GPP: mechanical with five speeds


Standard stabilization and anti -tug system with guiding torque control

Standard airbags: 6


0-100 km per hour: 9.0 seconds

Fourth miles: 17.0 seconds


8.5 liters per 100 km in mixed mode

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