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Comparison of Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Solaris cars

by aboutweeks

We will compare the two most purchased cars in its class, according to the rating and statistics of cars sales for 2016, and we will figure out what the pluses of each car.

The first to consider the 2017 Hyundai Solaris. The machine was developed by the South Korean automotive company Hyundai Motor Company.

The first positive impression in the car is the interior and the internal design of the car. Hyundai Solaris is supposed to be saturated even in the very basic configuration. From the basic options already represented: all electrical lifts, illumination of all controls on the panel. To go inside the Hyundai Solaris is nice. Hyundai Motor paid great attention to the convenience of its passengers.

The second positive feature is softness while driving along the road. Hyundai Solaris rides softly and even if there are holes on the road, the road will not cause you inconvenience.

We do not delve into the review of the technical characteristics for each configuration of Hyundai Solaris because they depend on the price you are ready to pay for the car. К сожалению если отбросить технические характеристики, то преимущества Hyundai Solaris заканчиваются.

Let’s move on to the consideration of Skoda Rapid. The car of the Czech company Skoda Auto, which is part of the Volkswagen AG concern. Consider the main positive qualities of the car:

The Liftback function is the lifting of the trunk along with the glass. The function is indispensable if you often transport long things in the trunk, bags, strollers, especially convenient for bicycles.

Road clearance or as it is also called clearance of Skoda Rapid is higher than that of all its “classmates”. In the standard, Skoda clearance is 170 mm. For comparison, Hyundai Solaris has 160 mm. What allows Skoda Rapid to drive in hard -to -reach places and on large pits on the road. This option will be useful to lovers to go to nature or move along dirt roads.

The car is made of high -quality metal, according to all German and Czech standards. Thanks to what, when driving by car, you experience a “sensation of the weight of the car”. You can pay attention to this option immediately, without getting behind the wheel, just close the door. You will feel how large the metal layer is in the door. This option will come in handy, those who often travel to an autobahn or love high speed. Thanks to this option, the car is firmly on the road.

ESP security system. This system is built -in even on the most basic models of Skoda. It is worth paying attention to it, t.To. The rest of the “Odnoklassniki” refused to put this option in the basic configuration.

Summing up, I want to note that each car is unique in its own way, and it is worth paying attention to precisely the characteristics that will be important to you. Hyundai Solaris is a comfortable interior and softness when driving. Skoda Rapid is reliability and confidence on the road. Unfortunately, at the moment, the base model Skoda Rapid costs almost 100,000 more than the base model Hyundai Solaris.

The information was kindly provided by our partner of the East -Auto, the official Hyundai dealer in St. Petersburg.

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