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Fashion socks 2014

by aboutweeks

At first, a few words about socks as a clothing item. Socks are short stockings that do not reach the level of the knees. Their history originates from the time of ancient Greece. Already at that time, socks dressed under the shoes.

Then their transformation into stockings occurred, thus, a new part of the clothes appeared. Socks began to enter the female fashion in the second half of the twentieth century. They currently occupy a certain niche in a woman’s wardrobe. Socks are used to warm legs in winter, for sports.

Not so long ago, in addition to standard things, separate collections of fashionable socks began to appear at the shows of fashionable clothes. They are presented as individual clothing items that complement the appearance. Today socks wholesale can be bought at many retail outlets.

Some designers had courage to combine socks with various elegant dresses, which was not very possible several years ago. Currently, the wear of socks for sandals has become fashionable.

If you can find socks in your wardrobe, then do not rush to refuse them. In 2014, in the spring-summer season, socks can be perfectly combined with sandals, shoes, half-bots.

In this season, the trend will be a monochrome flavor, that is, the combination of socks and shoes of the same color palette will also become relevant socks with lurex, which are made in delicate pastel colors, socks from Kapron will look effectively. In addition, hetras with rhinestones will be another fashionable solution of the season.

Remember that you should not underestimate such an accessory of clothing as socks. They will help to express your personality to a greater extent, and will also become a decision of some inconvenience (in the cold season). Make the right choice.

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