Moving Beyond Life’s Giants (MBLG) is a podcast platform that gives other’s the opportunity to share their life stories of hope, inspiration and triumph. One of the biggest deceptions that many of us fall prey to when we are experiencing different struggles and hardships is that no one understands what we are going through and no one has ever been where we are. When we feel this way, we don’t seek out a “place of refuge” to share and gain wisdom and strength from others, we stay tucked away with our own unhealthy thoughts to ourselves.
This platform exists to share life stories, but also for others to listen and to find hope in the middle of their own storms.

Below William explains the purpose of the Moving Beyond Life’s Giants Podcast series. He encourages others to donate to this cause as he continues to build this platform to inspire others around the world to continue to go the distance.


Moving Beyond Life’s Giants PODCAST Series:

Lessons Learned by: William Weeks                     [Download]

Malissa Johnson Story Part one                               [Download]

Malissa Johnson Story Part two                              [Download]

Bullying From A Teens Perspective                        [Download]

Carla Manual Story                                                            [Download]

Moving Beyond Life’s Giants VIDEO


The Frances Bailey Story Video                                [Download]

Stevon Sample Story                                                    [Download]

Sue Bowels Story                                                    [Download]

If you have a powerful or an amazing life story, and you are interested in sharing this life story with others on the Moving Beyond Life’s Giant’s platform, please contact us via email at mystory@aboutweeks.com.  please indicate your name and give us a valid email or phone number to contact you by.