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Labia plastic surgery

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Connecting procedures, carried out to diagnose and determine the treatment system. A connation procedure, from the cervix, fabric is extracted for histological analysis. This procedure provides an opportunity to establish the condition of the cervix area. If the histological diagnosis of the cone reveals the dysplasical presence of the cervix, and the presence of invasive cancer is excluded, and the cone does not have dysplasia areas at the edges, then this means that there is an absolute elimination of the pathological epithelium, and it is no longer present in the cervix of the uterus. Today, plastic labia operations are performed using modern equipment.

After the woman gave birth, she may have problems that are associated with the genitals, such as labia. With these problems, as a rule, women rarely contact doctors. For this reason, a woman may develop a complex that can lead to certain consequences. For this reason, if you have suspicions, you should contact a gynecologist who will give you a complete consultation on the existing problem, which can be solved by plastic surgery of not only the labia, but other genitals.

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