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Automatic transmission of the subtleties of operation

by aboutweeks

If we take into account how indispens your own transport today is very natural that the requirements for the comfort of the operation of vehicles are growing rapidly. And therefore, manufacturers try to regularly improve very technological mechanisms, turning the usual devices into even more convenient and simple in everyday operation.

As a result, most of the control over the car fell on automation, and "machine" I replaced the usual one "mechanics". As a rule, automatic transmission is much more convenient to operate, and does not require excessive attention from the driver. Nevertheless, for the sake of comfort, you always have to sacrifice something, and, despite all its perfection, the machine is also famous for a number of certain vulnerabilities, after which the automatic transmission can be required in the car service.

No sharp movements

As you probably know, by the number of components of the automatic transmission, much more complicated than mechanics. And therefore, perhaps, one of the most common problems associated with the use of automatic transmission is accelerated wear as a result of long -term work at high speeds.

Of course, often, the automatic transmission simply does not have time to exceed safe values, especially if the motorist prefers to drive calmly and carefully. At the same time, such an opportunity is still provided for in case the driver needs to overtake. In this mode, the machine independently reduces the transmission, and the car instantly gains sufficient speed at increased speeds.

As you probably guessed, the only problem lies only in the fact that many inexperienced young motorists who consider themselves new street racers use this opportunity too often, provoking the quick wear of the gearbox.

Only appropriate oil

As practice shows, perhaps nothing affects the durability of an automatic box as significant as the choice of transmission oil. Because of what, many car owners even compare the procedure for choosing oil for gearboxes with the procedure for choosing oil for engine. Manufacturers are often even more categorical, because they insist on the use of exclusively transmission oil of specific individual series, depending on the design and type of box.

So, as you can see, just make sure not to run into a falsificant is clearly not enough. It is strongly recommended to use exclusively transmission oil, which is regulated by the manufacturer in a special service documentation for a car.

Avoid unnecessary switching

The habit of excessively actively using the switching lever is perhaps one of the most common mistakes, both among beginners and among experienced motorists, especially those who used exclusively mechanics before the automatic transmission. When using the machine, there is no risk "burn" Clutch, so that short -term simple in the Drive mode does not carry much danger. Indeed, in fact, it has repeatedly noticed that excessively frequent switching reduces the engine of the machine gun even a little stronger than simple and movement in mode "drive". Therefore, even if you move in traffic, the modes can not be switched at all.

Of course, despite all its perfection, the machine requires attention from the driver. Although, if you clearly follow the above recommendations, it will not only impeccably last the deadline for it, but also will drive the vehicle by an order of magnitude more convenient.

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