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Honda Jazz will be performed by sedan

by aboutweeks

Honda plans to produce a Jazz/Fit car in three body variations at once. So, in addition to Hatbek, a crossover with a sedan should also appear. This information is reported by Automotive News.

Details about the technical side, as well as about the terms of appearance at the moment are missing. Although, it is known that cars will be assembled at an enterprise in Mexico, the opening of which should take place in 2014. Most likely, this year, it is worth expecting the appearance of a new Jazz.

It should be noted that today in the Honda line there is already a small sedan-City, the sale of which is carried out on the car markets of Southeast Asia. It can be assumed that the Honda leadership bend plans for the supply of this car and to other countries, for which they will give him the name Jazz.

In our country, the Jazz model is equipped with a power unit of 1.4 liters with a “maximum” 100 liters.With. The estimated cost of the car is 630 thousand. rub.

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