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Spaniard comes to China

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Spaniard comes to China

The role of the SEAT company in the Volkswagen Group empire is still not entirely clear: creative and marketing searches are in full swing, which does not affect sales, especially in spoiled and conservative Europe. The image of the creator of exquisite -sports cars stubbornly cherished by the SEAT is quite tightly covered by his tribesman via VW Group – Audi brand. In such a situation, in order to survive, you need to use some global creative, for example, to master a new giant sales market. In the role "promised lands" Seat chose China and attacked the Beijing car dealership by the premiere of his "hot" Hatchback Ibiza. Charged hatch distance from "ordinary" Ibiza with an additional second name Cupra – this is the traditionally designated top -end machines production of Seat. An Ibiza Cupra sample, presented in Beijing, is still called a concept or prototype, but there is every reason to believe that its path to the conveyor will be short -lived: the serial machine will roll out to the public in the fall of this year at the Parisian Auto Show.

Despite the newcomer, the newcomers, representatives of the Seat position it as "Daily car", organically combining sport and functionality. Simple engines are now not a sign of weakness, therefore, in the technical data of Cupra, the gasoline 1.4-liter TSI turbocomer, which issues non-childish 180 liters, is proudly listed.With. and 250 nm. He is assisted by an advanced 7-speed dsg gearbox with two clutches. CuPra Driven talents help to open the XDS system, capable of emitting differential operation by slowing down one of the wheels.

"Civilian" Ibiza is completely gifted with the talent of the chief designer of Luke Donkerolka, but "combat" The version is even better! Cupra is packed in an aggressive aerodynamic package – the front bumper opened a giant air intake, and the rear has a kind of diffuser; Stylish graduation pipe is located in the center; Suspiciously rising thresholds visually underestimate the car. Already in the Cupra base, it relies on a 17-inch cast and sparkles with bixenon headlights.

To match the appearance – a punctually designed interior in which each detail works out the image "hot" hatchback. The 3-sport-ruler is mowed in the lower sector and sheathed sucks with a stitching in the color of the body, the same contrasting stitching streams along the profiles of the seats. A 5-inch tablet perched on the central console, combining navigation and entertainment functions; Like VW Up! It can be removed and take with you on a walk.

I just don’t want to get up and go somewhere from behind the steering wheel! Das auto, although with a Spanish accent.

In conclusion, we note that although the car under consideration has a certain uniqueness, the body repair of any level of complexity does not cause special problems, due to the fact that the car platform is largely common to the entire seam concern..

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