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The main rules for choosing female T -shirts

by aboutweeks

Women’s T -shirt is an integral part of the wardrobe. Such clothes are presented a number of requirements. It is important that it is not only beautiful, outwardly attractive, but also convenient. To find a suitable T -shirt, it is recommended to follow the advice of specialists.


The most important indicator of the quality of the shirt and its degree of comfort. The most durable and convenient materials are:






These fabrics are pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergies, do not wear out for a long time. Even after washing, they retain the shape. T -shirts from these materials are presented on the NTL website in a wide variety.

Seams and threads

So that the T -shirt is comfortable, its seams should not be too thick and rude. In quality products, they are practically not noticeable, they are not felt when wearing.

Before buying, you need to look at the product as a whole, consider it. He should not stick out threads, holes are excluded. If the product is made at a high level of quality, it will not have any flaws.


If there is an opportunity to try on a shirt before buying, you must definitely do this. Only after trying on it will become fully clear how convenient the T -shirt is.

She should not constrain movements, cause a feeling of discomfort, rub. The product should sit on the figure, be slightly free, not fit too much. If there is no inconvenience, they buy a T -shirt.


Manufacturers create shirts in various color schemes. What color to choose, the buyer decides. It is worth proceeding from your preferences. However, pastel colors are relevant in the world: peach, light pink, coral, blue, beige. But white with black still remain popular. This is a classic that combines perfectly with other wardrobe elements.


Choose a shirt with a pattern or not – the choice of the buyer. If the shirt is designed for home, everyday wear, you can choose a variety of drawings: even the largest.

Funny drawings will help to cheer up.

If the T -shirt will be used for formal meetings, it will be worn under cardigans, jackets, it is better to refuse drawings. T -shirts monophonic will become perfect. Classic combination: a white shirt and a black jacket, as well as a black shirt and a white jacket will help to look stylish always. This is a win -win option.

Choosing shirts is not at all as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to remember a few simple rules, do not violate them when choosing a product.

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