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Opel Allegra/Junior

by aboutweeks

The spies once again caught the prototype in Opel Allegra/Junior, which should debut next year. The next photos are practically no different from the previous. Opel engineers carefully wrap their baby in protective camouflage, which does not allow you to determine the main features of the exterior design.

However, this time, our photographers-shpions showed a special dexterity and took some a picture of the interior Opel Allegra/Junior. You have the opportunity to make out the features of the salon.

First of all, the retro style of the dashboard is striking, which serves the next confirmation – the novelty of the Opel will be positioned as a competitor to Mini and Fiat 500. We can also see the branded information and entertainment system of the German automaker.

The new Allegra/Junior is based on a shortened version of the Corsa platform. But the design should repeat the Trixx concept car, which was presented for the first time back in 2004.

The new city car is expected to be launched in the series in 2013. Its price will be at 10,000 pounds.

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