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Honda Insight World in anticipation

by aboutweeks

17 April, 2012 | 13:17

Otherwise, Honda Insight is no different from any modern car. The basic package of the model includes 6 airbags, climatic installation and movement stabilization system. It is difficult to say when this car officially appears in Russia, but there is no doubt that this will happen in the near future. Now Honda Insight is sold only in your homeland. Japanese have the opportunity to purchase a hybrid for 20.700 dollars. Already this month, sales of the novelty will start in the American market, where Insight will cost about 18.500 dollars. In total, Honda expects to realize 200 thousand of its hybrids annually, and half of them will submit US citizens.

Technical characteristics of Honda Insight:

Dimensions, mm 4375x1695x1425

Wheel base, mm 2550

Working volume, cube. cm 1339

Power, l. With. (ICE/electric motor) 88/14

Max. Torque, Nm/rpm 121/4500/78.5/1000

Maximum speed, km/h 186

Acceleration 0-100 km/h, from 12.6

Fuel consumption, l/100 km 4.4

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