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Power of a child from one and a half to three years old

by aboutweeks

The balanced and rational nutrition of the baby at an early age is necessary for harmonious growth and for the normal and proper development of all internal organs and tissues. The food of a child from one and a half to three years old must be controlled by each parent. Kids who have received full nutrition grow stronger and more healthy. Various infections, as well as hostile environmental factors, will not be terrible for a healthy baby. The food of a child from one and a half to three years should be primarily balanced and fresh. The experts of our time after the studies have found that insufficient nutrition at a younger age and sufficiently low body weight is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Each child at a younger age is able to actively respond to the smell, color and taste of food, for this reason the nutrition and all the food of the baby should look appetizing and of course everything should be very tasty.

While food is prepared for the baby, every mother can look at the house 2 in breaks today. By engaging in the process of cooking for the baby, each parent must take into account all the existing features of children’s cuisine. If you cook porridge for your baby with the addition of vegetables, then you need both the porridge and the vegetables themselves are completely ready and carefully broken. It is recommended to cook food for a child only using fresh products, it is best to cook on low heat. So in the prepared food of the baby, beneficial vitamins and elements can be preserved. For a baby at the age of three, milk should not be the main product. At this age, fresh cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, cheese, fresh first and second dishes, etc. should also be present in the baby’s diet.D. The following products should not be present in the diet of a baby at the age of three years: – finished chips, smoked products, smoked sausages and sausages, lard, sea products, caviar, ham and bacon.

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