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Interesting hairstyles for work

by aboutweeks

Hairstyles for work

A real lady should be attractive everywhere. Work is no exception. Every weekday we have to create a masterpiece from our hair in a short period of time, which is released for fees.

Choose a hairstyle for work:

Before choosing interesting hairstyles for work that will become our decoration, it is worth remembering one simple, but mandatory rule: hair should be healthy and well -groomed. Regular masks, proper shampoos, rinsing with infusions of herbs, regular washing and, of course, a positive attitude, will help maintain the beauty of the hair that is necessary for any hairstyle.

Owners of long hair have to spend quite a lot of time to care for them, but today’s fashion is democratic, it makes it possible to make popular hairstyles with long hair quickly, guaranteeing an excellent result. One of the most fashionable hairstyles of this season is the “horse tail”. It looks spectacular, it is easily performed, but you can slightly diversify it. It is enough to separate the strand from the finished tail, the rest of the bundle, twist around the elastic band. Divide the strand into three parts, weave a pigtail, wind it over a bunch and, of course, stab it with hairpins, which should be decorated with rhinestones, bows, etc.D.

Office hairstyle

Another fashionable direction for long hair is braids. The Greek version looks great when the braid is braided from the left temple to the right “spike” type. Even if the hair does not differ in density, you can use a little trick and braid the supermined “fish tail”, which makes it possible to create any volume.

A great option for medium and long hair – curls that give a romantic look. It is enough to use a curling iron and mousse or gel to create a wonderful hairstyle in a few minutes. The main thing is not to use the comb, but only slightly straighten the curls with your fingers and fix the varnish.

Give an original appearance to such options as “square” or “bob”, which are often performed on medium hair, you can, experimenting with a parting that this season can be asymmetric, uneven.


Owners of short hair when creating a hairstyle for every day you can use such a fashion trend as easy carelessness. To do this, just apply mousse to the wet hair and rush it with your hands or tilt your head down and dry your hair with a hairdryer. You can change the parting line, which gives the haircut new notes.

You should not experiment with a hairstyle on the morning of a working day, it is better to find your option on a day off, so that on weekdays it is easy and fast.

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