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Fashionable autumn sneakers 2015

by aboutweeks

The modern rhythm of urban life dictates the conditions. Long distances and eternal lack of time leaves an imprint on the style of young people. You can find costumes and strict dresses on the streets less and less often. The world is conquered by comfortable sports shoes without heel. Sneakers and sneakers have become an integral part of our wardrobe. Famous designers who dedicate whole collections and take their images to the court of the sophisticated bomond and take out to be comfortable shoes.

Do not think that the usual sneakers are transferred to the catwalk. They take the best qualities from the prototype – comfort and demand, and bring new interesting ideas to the appearance. For example, they change height, experiment with flowers and laces.

The most convenient material for a huge amount of time is leather. Excellent qualities do not allow designers to take a lot in their experiments. But I want to surprise the sophisticated audience with something. And here extraordinary suede and fabric inserts come to the rescue. Different combinations allow you to receive different models and options.

In addition to the material, there is a huge scope for fantasy with shoes flowers. Agree, with the help of ordinary sneakers, you can make the image bright, unique, and sometimes explosive and ultra -reservoir. In addition to interesting colors, the lacing unexpected in shade or texture is added.

Autumn models are somewhat different from summer -darker colors and massive thick sole. Ordinary sneakers are unlikely to cope with cooling, but the thick sole of the sneakers can delight the owner until the snow falls out. Associations of style and comfort are presented in the new New Balance collections on Ostriv. New items and the last trends will never go unnoticed.

The boots a la sneakers were a new trend. They are ideal for combination with trousers, tights and jeans. Sport in combination with elegance is the main slogan of this type of autumn shoes. Delicate colors can emphasize the femininity of the image, without losing the necessary comfort. Strange, but among this type you can find models with white spikes, according to Feshen-Guru, these are echoes of a soft female biker style version.

Brutality still did not completely leave the podium. Today we can find varnished bot sneakers that will collect sports and business style. A great option for office employees who are required to comply with the dress code.

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