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We plan a vacation with children

by aboutweeks

If you plan to go abroad with children, then first of all you should take care of children’s entertainment. Select a resting place should be based on this moment. Where to spend a vacation with children?

Children are the most demanding tourists. That is why the solitude of the beach life, as well as many hours of excursions, will not always turn out to be what they are waiting for. Undoubtedly, when planning a vacation with children, you must first focus on their interests. It is important that the rest brings a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions. Do you want the journey to become a real fabulous event for your children? Then plan a vacation program in advance. In this article, we will talk about why you should choose the New Lapaz Villa Hotel, we will talk about the best places for relaxing with children that will paint the journey with bright colors.

Paris is not only a fashion city, the most romantic place in the world, but also an amazing Euro-radiolend that any child dreams of getting into. The park is divided into five thematic parks – Main Street USA, Discoveryland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland. Believe me, this trip will be remembered by your child forever! If desired, you can organize a child’s birthday by arranging a holiday with the participation of Disney heroes.

In a small Swedish town called Vimmberl, a real fairy -tale country dedicated to the heroes of Astrid Lindgren. The child will see the house of Carlson, the villa of Peppi pranks is a long stocking, though in the park, you may need a translator, as the performances take place in Swedish.

Want to combine the sun, warmth, sea and funny entertainment? Go with children to the Spanish resort Aventure. Here you can not only rest and taste the joy of resort life, but also visit the miniature versions of China, America, Australia and the Mediterranean. A huge number of gardens, parks are concentrated in Valencia. One of the best is Gulliver Park, which is a building from a lying hero, which is divided into hills, swings, lads, slides and ropes.

The world of tourism offers different hotels (an excellent option is the Ibis Samui Bophut hotel), a vacation for tourists of any age. Boys, undoubtedly, will delight the Legoland Park, the buildings and attractions of which are made under imitation of cubes of the famous designer. Here you can ride, build, take part in mass construction. And parents will help their children embody the cherished dream of all young designers, for example, having built a spacecraft, a supermachine of the future or a ship. Enjoy your rest!

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