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Adaptive lighting need or luxury?

by aboutweeks

Modern construction of cars is not in its technological development. Constant development inevitably leads to the fact that various innovations appear. One example is adaptive headlights.

By their functionality, they resemble a person who is going to wrap around the corner of the house: first he makes a turn with his eyes, but only after them there are legs and the body itself. It is the projection of such a situation that is created by a system of adaptive lighting.

But everyone knows that you need to buy a car one that would cope with all the difficulties on the road and help the driver in all unforeseen circumstances. And thanks to some aspects of such a lighting system, we can even say that it surpasses human eyes in its capabilities.

The system of adaptive lighting is often subject to installation on xenon or LED headlights, so the rates for the installation of such a system are quite high. Sometimes even installing one system in its cost may exceed a thousand dollars.

As soon as it becomes dark on the street, all car owners on the roads include lighting lights. Unfortunately, the usual principle of the head of the headlights to perfection is still very far. On many modern machines, only static headlights are installed, the design of which allows you to illuminate only the space in front. By the way, Read more about car models and their technical characteristics here.

When the car moves in a direct special problems with lighting, there should not be arise. But the trip, for example, along the mountain serpentine or the passage of urban intersections is accompanied by some difficulties, because for the driver it is natural to look around the corner while the lanterns are still looking to where the car was moving before turning.

The first installation of smart headlights was back in the thirties, when Cadillac released the B16 model. In addition to the sixteen cylinder engine, hydraulic drives on the valves, auxiliary headlights were also installed on it, which could turn in the direction where the car turned.

True, at that time the system still had many disadvantages that can only cope with modern electronics. The presence of computing electronics, the widespread spread in the nineties, allowed not only the angle, but also the wheel rotation, and the speed with which the machine moves, and its position in relation to the vertical axis.

The option of adaptive headlights is still offered as an additional option, since the cost of such a device still remains quite high and is not affordable for everyone. The movement of such headlights is carried out thanks to built -in electromechanical drives.

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