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Perfect legs

by aboutweeks

All of us women dream of having perfect legs. And every girl and woman, we all want to know the secret of the beauty of our legs. A lot, and probably we all strive to know how to make our legs more attractive. A lot of attention is paid to female legs. Not only all these secrets about the beauty of the legs are discussed between women and men strive for the beauty of their legs, because how nice it is to look at a sportion -folded man who has beautiful pumped legs. For a long time, women argued that which should be considered ideal legs. Thick legs were considered beautiful in the old days or not much full, but not skinny and thin. Today’s days, on the contrary, a little thin legs are considered ideal or even thin. Fashion is changing and we all strive for the perfection and beauty of our legs, moving them under the bar of today’s fashion. We try to lose weight without noticing that after we managed to lose weight, the skin of the legs looks much worse than the same. To do this, just sit on a diet, you need to play sports and pay special attention to the legs so that the skin does not look sagging and terrible after losing weight. We need to use special feet to care for procedural baths all kinds. Only after all these procedures you will wake up beautiful legs and the whole body. It is necessary not only to care for the feet, but also to care for the whole body together. The use of cosmetics is not enough for sports and of course swimming. We all dream that you would have perfect and slender legs and want to know the secret of the beauty of attractive legs.

For what and most importantly why?

Women are considered to be a beautiful half, and each of us really dreams of attracting attention from men with its beauty – they say: beauty is this terrible force! And that’s right, because if a woman is attractive in everything t. e. Has a taste for clothes, good communication manners are all plus for her. In the old days they said: they are met by clothes, but escorted by mind. There is a share of truth in this and we know this. What pleases the male eye, at first sight – a beautiful appearance, royal gait and of course beautiful posture. Beautiful legs say a lot that a woman is watching herself not only for herself, she is beautiful, she can also attract men. After all, almost all men pay attention to female legs. And they like the finite – beautiful legs.

That women do to achieve perfect legs

And when are we starting to think about our legs? Of course – in the spring, we are covered with panic. In the spring, we begin to undress after cold winters and only then we begin to think about our figure, about whether you can get into your beautiful dresses or short skirts after winter? We begin to look for ways to lose weight and make our feet perfect in a short time. To make our legs look perfect, the skin on the legs was smooth and no hint of an “orange crust” or that even worse than a terrible celly on our legs. Some of us dream that their legs would be more genuine, others are more built – everything is in search of perfect legs for ourselves. And when the days become even warmer season, we think about how we will look in a bikini or in a swimsuit, so that our hips are elastic and the skin was fitted. All these proportions are set by fashion for today. The girl should be and have perfect proportions 90 – 60 – 90. Or at least a little to fit these proportions, in today’s fashion, preference is given to thin girls with high growth and long legs. Fashion always changes and not everyone manages to catch up with it, in distant and ancient China, it was considered the standard of beauty of a woman miniature with a small size. And everyone adjusted to this standard or would like to look like this. From an early age, a girl was forced to wear narrow and small shoes that deformed the girl’s foot. All this was done so that the girl grew tender and miniature with a small foot. That they just did not do to please fashion and be fashionable at that time. And no one thought that all this fashion can do great harm to our health, or that it is even worse to make a disabled person for the rest of his life. In ancient Russia, they considered the standards of beautiful women “lush puffy” with wide hips of women. And those who, by nature, were the slopes to thinness considered not beautiful and what these girls did in order to get better and make their bodies more magnificent. In today’s days, the fashion dictates to us – the worse the better. And we are fighting for excess weight, we sit on diets, walk with a sports hall or do dancing and all this in order to make our body perfectly. A new trend ideal legs – it means you need to turn it on your feet more and make them perfect and achieve the ideal in any way. Now there are many ways to obtain perfect legs, our medicine will make all your body perfect only this can not afford all women. Many achieve the perfect body sitting on various diets. All these diets are good only if you observe them with your healing doctor. There are a lot of deplorable cases when girls bring themselves to diets that after such diets it is even scary to look at them.

What will happen next

Fashion is changing from generation to generation and people come up with this fashion, it is very difficult to change all their bodies and adjust it to the ideal – today’s beauty.

Why all these conversations – all this speaks of an ideal body and the final first about perfect legs. Perfect legs, what should they be and how to achieve their ideal?

Throughout the world, there may be a standard set by today’s fashion, but this standard cannot be considered a single. Because we are all different with different tastes about the perfect figure and about perfect legs. Also, for example, not all men like thin women, some like the magnificent forms of women. And what we came to in each of us should look since nature made it. And every woman should have a “highlight” and only then do we wake up to feel comfortable and confident. Glory and small tests were a question for men – what are the perfect legs?

Most consider the legs ideal – slender, sexy with elastic and smooth skin, preferably that the legs would be tanned as if you had just arrived and the sunny city. Today’s men more subtly consider the similarity of women on their feet must be pedicure, and of course, no one will like unwanted hairs on our legs. Moderately sports and well -groomed legs.

What to do and how to do that there was an ideal figure and perfect legs

All these secrets are hidden in our body itself. Many factors affect our beauty – the main thing is proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle without bad habits, properly planned rest of our body, all this affects our health and affects our beauty.

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