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Opel Astra sedan

by aboutweeks

The German brand Opel has been developing a model in the sedan body for three years since the global debut of the Astra hatchback. It is noteworthy that even earlier, in 2007, Buick Excelle GT entered the Chinese market, with the exception of a small number of body elements, which is an exact copy of Astra.

At the same time, GM has already released Buick Vrano, which is an analogue of the Astra sedan, to the North America market.

As in previous espionage photographs of the new products taken in February of this year, a partially disguised car passing road tests on Germany road tests is captured in new pictures.

Compared to his brother from Buick, the Astra sedan will not receive in the back of the decorations of chromium. In addition, the European version of the car will receive a more modern interior design and improved decoration materials.

The new Astra sedan will go on sale in some European countries, as well as Russia and Turkey with a line of engines similar to a hatchback and station wagon. The debut should take place at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next.

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