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Is it worth mixing motor oil?

by aboutweeks

Is it too early, all motorists are brought to replace the engine oil. This is not all the same to add a half-empty bottle of water. The oil change is worth it wisely and caution. Liqui Moly HTTP: // Autoprotect/Catalog/Motornoe_maslo_avto/Liqui_moly/F-25_83/Index oil.HTML is considered one of the best car oils.

What if you mix oils of different manufacturers?

Each motor oil consists of certain synthetic materials. Naturally, its composition is displayed on the packaging itself, but not on the full scale. All this is because each manufacturer uses in his product a certain unique component, which gives the oil to its unique properties. Absolutely all manufacturers keep secret methods of making their products. In this regard, when mixing oils of two different manufacturers, the incompatibility of the ingredients of both products may occur, and the result can be, both neutralization of one of the from and a manifestation of a strong chemical reaction.

It is in connection with the incompatibility of the compositions of two products identical in terms of purpose that the problem with the engine itself may arise. The basis of all oils is the same – it is a synthetic fatty substance, but each product has its own additives.

What if you mix oils of different colors?

The color of the motor oil may be the most different. This is usually a classic oil color, but there are also red, yellow and green oils. I must say that the color of the oil does not matter. The color is designed so that you can better monitor the condition and amount of liquid. The color also means the resource of the oil, that is, each run corresponds to its own color.

If oils of different types?

The whole world uses standard synthetic oils, but relatively recently, natural oils (mineral) appeared on the market, which, according to manufacturers, are more careful about the engine. But not to mix synthetics and natural product. Everyone knows that the natural product of weights in their structure and as a result of mixing, mineral oil will expel synthetics to the surface. Such oils heat up at different temperatures, synthetics faster. Thus, heated synthetic oil will take place as it is supposed, and with it to settle and clog filters with a thick mineral product.

If you need to add only a quarter of a barrel of oil, then there will be nothing wrong with the mixing of different manufacturers, but if you have very little left and it is time to replenish it, then you should completely lower the used oil, rinse the tank and pour new.


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