William E. Weeks, Dynamic Speaker,Trainer and Facilitator!
Come Feel the Power and the Passion behind the William Weeks Experience!

"Training session was absolutely phenomenal! The instructor was awesome, very informative and captured my attention from start to finish. I learned new techniques that I can apply in the classroom setting."

Behavior & Lesson Plan Modification Series,
Anonymous, Las Semillas Migrant Head Start Center,
Warsaw, VA

"I work for the Law, Health Policy & Disability Center (LHPDC) of the University Of Iowa College Of Law, which has a contract with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide technical assistance, training and evaluation of its jointly sponsored Disability Program Navigator (DPN) Initiative with the Social Security Administration. Through Mr. Weeks' efforts, he was recognized for having reshaped the vision and direction of the state project, which became recognized as one of the national model programs.

Mr. Weeks was also recognized at the National level because of his passion, dedication, positive attitude and ability to make things happen."

L Farah, University of Iowa, College of Law

"The most valuable part of the presentation was Mr. Weeks' account of his inner strength and his purpose. The fact that he did not succumb to depression or feeling like a victim despite his terrible experiences. I agree with him that we all have a purpose in life."

"It was an outstanding, heart wrenching presentation coming from an inspiring and motivating speaker! I could definitely hear it again, and his original musical performance was incredible!!

The most valuable part for me was when he said, "Never again allow someone else's opinion of our life to dictate our reality."The original song was awesome, it moved me!

Moving Beyond the GIANTS in your Life,
Worcester Career & Technology Center Staff & Students
Worcester, MD

"The presentation was wonderful, his interaction with the crowd was energizing. He was a very uplifting man and he could really, really sing and play the piano"!
J. Allison-Student
Arcadia High School
Oak Hall, VA

"He was a good speaker, he really motivated me. You could see that he is passionate about motivating students, and he could sang!"
N. Smith- Student
Arcadia High School
Oak Hall, VA
" Mr. Weeks, thank you for your presence, strength and commitment in such a time as this. You have inspired me to live to see another day. Your very words have penetrated the depths of my soul and have given me reason to go on!"

L.P. Thomas
Hurricane Katrina Victim
Biloxi, MS


Thank you so much for serving as our keynote speaker at SHORE UP Inc's annual Staff Development and Recognition Day. Our staff greatly enjoyed your talk and when asked what were the first words that came to mind about Will Weeks, they replied with emotion "inspirational", exceptional, incredible motivator!

Again, we appreciate your willingness to uplift our staff members, who in this poor economy are dealing with increasing demands from more and more people who are experiencing the burdens of economic struggles.

Salisbury MD

Freddy L. Mitchell
Executive Director

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