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William E. Weeks, Jr. is the youngest of eight siblings born to William and Mary Weeks. Unbeknown to anyone at the time, William’s life was already “purposed by design”. At the age of five years old, he was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), during this time, he was given a six month to a year prognosis to live. Utter devastation to a family left to explain to a five year old that life as he knew it would soon come to an end. Nevertheless faith, hope and a burning desire to live bore William on eagles wings from the little boy who according to medical science, would not live to see his sixth birthday, to the phenomenal man that he is today! As a blind individual, William is still proving to the world that the so called, “giants” in our lives can be defeated, the odds can be beaten and we can succeed if success is our focus. Currently, William is the Disability, Mental Health Manager for the Eastern Shore Early Childhood Development Center (ESECDC) where he is responsible for the overall design, implementation and evaluation of the disabilities and mental health program for pre-school age children. He also provides training and T.A. to various local, state and federally funded entities in the areas of assistive technology, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), special education law and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) just to name a few. The devotion and allegiance portrayed through his work has been recognized by national entities such as the Law, Health Policy & Disability Center (LHPDC), U.S. Dept of Labor, Division of Disability Workforce Programs, Employment & Training Administration. (DDWP/ETA). Mr. Weeks also spends time mentoring youth and young adults within his community; especially those who are considered to be within the “at risk” population. He and his wife, LaShundra have two sons, Joshua and Noah Weeks.


William appreciates the many people who have encouraged and pushed him to the next level. However, there are some who will always hold a special place in his heart for their commitment and example of excellence.


Mr. Weeks’ siblings continue to inspire him to greatness. Their love, positive direction and support have kept him focused through the years.

Mary L. Weeks

William’s mother has been the driving force and inspiration through all of the hardships, struggles and pitfalls. Her strength, wisdom and encouragement carried him through many storms without fail. Even though his father died at the age of six, his mother continued to fight and persevere, which in the long run, has paid off!

Edward Connor

Mr. Connor is a rehabilitation counselor who came to William’s rescue as a junior in high school. As a frustrated young man, it appeared that William had every door closed possible, until the day he met Mr. Connor. Ed never discouraged or lost faith in the talents and gifts he saw in William. He provided him with an outlet of resources and services that leveled the playing for him; which in return restored his self-esteem.

LaShundra, Josh & Noah

William’s family is the back bone and foundation of his success. His wife is his biggest fan, critic and supporter all in one. LaShundra continues to remind him that the sky is the limit for all of his endeavors. As a young man, Mr. Weeks was told that he would never have children of his own; however, his two small sons are living proof that miracles can happen when you believe!

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