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In today's world, it is so important that we learn how to "go the distance" despite all the negativity and uncertainties around us. How do we continue to have a "champion's mentality" even though it appears we are on a loosing streak? How do we maneuver past " Life's Giants" when it appears the boulders in our way are to big to go around? These and other questions like these will be explored in our upcoming Fall Summit "Progress Beyond The Mess" on October 30, 2020 and October 31, 2020 from 1pm-2pm on both days. In this summit, participants will discover:

How To Sort Through Your Challenges & Difficulties To Discover Strengths And    The "Will To Win" "
   How To Break Down Blockages And Maneuver Around Life's Giants To Succeed
   The Importance Of Staying On Task & Staying Focused Even In The Midst Of    Turbulence.
   The Difference Between "Sight & Vision" & How To Apply Each When Applicable.
   And Much More!

The Progress Beyond The Mess was a success. A big thank you to Mrs. Destiny Hilliard-Thomas for co-hosting the summit and for being such a vital part of its success. Thank you to all who attended virtually. Please listen to the webinar links below.

Progress Beyond The Mess Part One [LISTEN NOW]

Progress Beyond The Mess Part Two [LISTEN NOW]

Dowload .ZIP File to save for later listening [CLICK HERE]

Eight Reasons To hire William Weeks For Your Occasion.

1. William customizes each presentation/program to meet the specific needs of your event. Before every engagement takes place, William personally interviews key individuals responsible for planning the event to determine the purpose, audience type and expected outcome. In doing so, this helps to ensure that your event is a successful and memorable one.

2. William uses “real life experiences” as a catalyst to uplift and inspire audiences to greatness. There is one undisputable fact William has learned through all of his travels and professional interactions; audiences want to hear real stories from people who have defeated insurmountable odds, and finally gone on to live productive lives. Listeners instantly connect with speakers that speak from life experiences, not just presenting statistical information.

3. William speaks from the heart! Every presentation delivered is filled with compassion, energy and purpose. His down to earth approach creates a non-threatening atmosphere for all listeners.

4. William’s versatility and unique style is guaranteed to reach spectators from all walks of life. Everyone from high school faculty and students, corporate entities, to government establishments has felt the power and enthusiasm behind the William Weeks experience!

5. William doesn’t embarrass or belittle the audience. Mr. Weeks has learned that in order for people to be receptive of new thoughts and ideas, they have to be comfortable. William’s calm demeanor and exceptional public relation skills help to set the perfect pace for your occasion.

5. Professional Expertise! William has over ten years experience maneuvering around complicated bureaucracies to find beneficial solutions to persons with disabilities. William has worked in many areas such as Workforce Development, Mental Health and Assistive Technology just to name a few. He has held management level state and federally funded positions through entities such as Social Security Administration (SSA) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

7. As an accomplished vocalist and musician, William integrates his musical abilities into his presentations, thus creating an environment where all can learn and enjoy.

8. William SPEAKS LIFE to the audience! All of his presentations and programs are geared around positive themes that are designed to motivate individuals to pursue their passions and to speak hope, life and success over situations that may otherwise seem hopeless.



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