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The three topics below are the most widely requested seminars/Keynotes. All presentations can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Understanding the Principals and Laws of Change
A power packed message delivered with the purpose of stimulating your mind and arousing your thinking about the importance of coping with change. Out of the many variables in our lives, the one constant that we can expect is change and difference. William draws upon real life experiences and examples to offer practical tools to audiences and inspires them to keep with the ever demanding flow of the universe.

Target Audience: Businesses, Non-Profit Entities, Government Entities, School Personnel, Program Managers, Executives and Directors.

Reshape, Realign, Refocus: The Champions Mentality

In this riveting presentation, William takes the audience down memory lane as he describes the hardships, trials and struggles he’s had to endure as a blind individual attending a rural public school system in one of the poorest counties in the country. He outlines his daily frustrations with a system that did not understand how to provide the necessary services he needed as a student with a disability. This is truly a life changing story of hope, perseverance, and the “will to win”. This message is guaranteed to stir the inner emotions of audiences everywhere as William gives validity to the notion that miracles can happen only when you believe!

Target Audience: Parents, Caregivers, Human Service Providers, Junior & High School Students, At-Risk Youth, Educators

Are you a Tool of Torture or an Instrument of Inspiration?

Are you a parent, caregiver, service provider, teacher or someone who works in the human services arena? If you are, this message is certainly for you! We as a society sometimes forget the impact that we have on others in both our professional and personal lives. The kind of influence we possess and how we choose to use it determines whether we are a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration! This presentation focuses on factors and variables that prohibit us from inspiring and empowering individuals to greatness and success. It highlights the importance and necessity of “speaking life” to situations and circumstances that may otherwise seem to be lifeless. This message is designed to give “hands on” tools to professionals when working with difficult populations.

Target Audience: Parents, Counselors, Service Providers, Mentors, Educators, Case Managers, Directors, Faith Based Entities.

Programs for Schools & Youth Groups

Our youth are faced with so many challenges and obstacles in our society. It is time for youth leaders in surrounding communities to stand united, with one mind and one sound to combat the negative influences that are taking over the lives of our future leaders. William is an avid youth mentor in the community and believes in the importance of positive role modeling and mentorship programs. Below is a small list of topics/programs William can provide at your next event or conference.
“Teen Dating-Violence on a Rise”
”The Power of One-Standing Tall in the Middle of Adversity”
”The Past: A Place of Reference, Never a Place of Residence”

Results Oriented Management & Accountability Training Curriculum (ROMA)

Results Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA) is a management approach to the business of providing social services. Its goal is to increase your agency’s capacity to serve as a catalyst for self-sufficiency in your community. ROMA is based on best practices developed for nonprofit institutions. These best practices apply to every level of your organization, from your tripartite board to your front-line staff. ROMA is a tool for evaluating your community assessment, strategic planning, programmatic decision-making and funding. It informs how you serve your community and interact with clients to enhance your processes and outcomes.

William is a nationally certified ROMA Trainer and can help your agency become more “results oriented” in your day to day operations. For more information, please contact us directly.


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